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Innomuzzle are best protective device for safe examination and enhanced protection. These are provided with inner soft lining to provide extra comfort to your beloved pet.

adjustable muzzle


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Allergies & Atopy in Dogs

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Veterinarians who limit their practice to dogs and cats see a lot of skin problems. There are numerous conditions that cause problems with a dog or cat's skin, but the most common, by far, is allergies.

Symptoms of allergies

 Dogs with allergies may show the following symptoms:

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Allergic Reactions: Hives (Urticaria) and Swelling of the Face (Angioedema)

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Hives (urticaria) and a swollen face (angioedema) are typical hypersensitivity (or allergic) reactions to drugs, chemicals, something eaten, or even sunlight.        

What are the symptoms of hives and angioedema?

In hives, small bumps occur within t...

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Allergic and Irritant Contact Dermatitis

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Allergic contact dermatitis occurs in dogs as a hypersensitivity reaction to certain molecules in the pet's environment. Irritant contact dermatitis results when the skin is exposed to noxious substances in the environment. The symptoms and biologic mechanisms involved in these two diseases are similar so they are often discussed together.

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Tail Docking and Ear Cropping of Dogs are Punishable Offence: AWBI

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Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) asks The Veterinary Council of India (VCI) and Kennel Clubs to stop promoting this cruel practice with immediate effect

Acting on a petition by Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations (FIAPO), the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) has issued an advisory stating that non- therapeutic tail docking and cropping of ears amounts to mutilation and constitutes...

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Wound healing- A proper care is required

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Wounds are the most common cases presented in any veterinary establishment. Wound means any breach in the continuity of the skin and wound healing is restoration in the continuity. The process involves cell regeneration, cell proliferation and collagen production.

A wound can be covered temporarily with bandage until specialized veterinary care is received to avoid gross contamination and mutilation of the area. Generally the area of wound is cleaned, lavaged and hair around the wound ...

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Petnapped- Pet Kidnapped!!

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One minute Badmaash was walking on the road in Gurgaon's DLF Phase III. The next minute she was gone. Her owner Amitabh — who'd been walking a few paces behind her — kept calling for her but the golden retriever just couldn't be found. He spent a troubled night, then began to put up flyers asking people whether they had seen Badmaash. It was an urgent appeal as she was epileptic. Amitabh also got in touch with NGOs which help find homes for lost and abandoned dogs. They told him t...

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Friend indeed: Dogs know when you are smiling

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Since humans have no tails to wag, they need to look at their best friend for signs they feel happy, scientists say. Researchers at Azabu University in Japan found that dogs have become so attuned to living with humans that they even distinguish a smile, even on the faces of some strangers. Dogs, they said, have an innate ability to recognise each other’s' expressions, but over time they also learned to interpret faces of a completely different species — humans.

For the stud...

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Cruelty to pet may cost Rs 1 Crore in India!

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Be cruel to your pet or any other animal at your own peril. For, an offender could end up paying up Rs 1 crore as fine or be jailed up to five years. The environment and forests ministry has proposed this hefty fine in this animal welfare bill 2011. For institutions or companies that show cruelty towards animals the penalty could be Rs 25 crore. The proposed bill empowers the centre to fix lines and penalties based on the severity of offence. According to the proposal, the bill will aim to r...

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Canine Telepathy? Dogs can read our minds.

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How do dogs learn to beg for food or behave badly, particularly when they are not paid any attention? It's a combination of specific cues, context and previous experience, says researchers.

How your pet comes to respond to the level of people's attentiveness tells us something about the way dogs think and learn about the human behaviour, says university of Florida's Monique Udell, who conducted the study with her team. their research s...

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