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Innomuzzle are best protective device for safe examination and enhanced protection. These are provided with inner soft lining to provide extra comfort to your beloved pet.

adjustable muzzle

Adjustable Innomuzzle has extra advantage of sure shot fitting to your pet. The adjustable snout circumference can greatly be reduced or extended.



Muzzle is a protective aid used to fasten around snout of pet dog, so that veterinary doctor can examine and administer drugs safely. Wearing muzzle become essential in untrained or aggressive pet dogs, however muzzle should always be applied as a safety measure. Muzzle are more frequently applied when veterinary doctor has to examine areas near to mouth of pet dog. muzzle provide necessary safety of bieng not bitten by pet dog when examining them.

Personal Muzzle

As we have our personal toothbrush, towel etc., same thing applies to utility aids for our beloved pet dogs. The worst practice is usage of single muzzle on number of pet dogs while examining them. It increases chances of aquiring contagious disease to your beloved pet dog. thus it become the duty of every owner to have personalized muzzle for thier pet dog. It not only safegaurd your beloved pet but also save pet dogs of other owners.

Innomuzzle features

Two type of quality muzzle are bieng manufactured by Innovation India. these are fix and adjustable type exclusively prepared from high quality durable cotton fabric and cushioned inside to provide extra comfort to your beloved pet dog.



Applying muzzle to your pet dog

Regardless of which type of muzzle is used, the dog should be acclimated to it before use. This can easily be accomplished by pairing food with the muzzle. For the nylon muzzle, stick a small treat through the bottom and let the dog place his nose into the muzzle to take the treat. Repeat a few times, and as the dog becomes more comfortable, gradually begin to place the muzzle on the dog, using incremental steps. For example, dog takes treat, hold for five seconds, release; as dog becomes comfortable, dog takes treat, move muzzle back over dog's muzzle, release; next step, bring straps up behind ears, release; eventually, as dog becomes comfortable, attach straps, feed through muzzle, release.

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