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Quotes I bought the Innocart wheelchair in 2017 for my then 7-year-old pug who had been diagnosed with hip dysplasia. Whisky could still walk without much trouble then so he refused to move when put in the cart. Sometime late in 2017 or early 2018, he couldn't walk so he dragged himself on the floor. Since that day he accepted the Innocart and could walk and run again. Whisky has been using the cart during his mealtimes and for his walks. Innocart has been a blessing in every way. This was the only one available at the time at about Rs. 8000. The few others costed more than 20,000 and I wasnâ??t even sure it would work. Few areas of improvement. Itâ??s a little bulky so difficult to carry around and put the pet in it. The foam for comfort starts to wear off with constant use. My advice to fellow pet parents. If youâ??re thinking of getting a wheelchair for your pet, you can trust this great team. And yes, the support and assistance I got from them during and after the purchase was amazing. Quotes
Sona Nongmeikapam
Happy dog, happy dog parent

Quotes Innovation India is really doing a very good, great and I must say a very noble work by providing rehabilitation aids for animals. Quality of products are very good, affordable and use friendly. E collars, Innowraps, and Absorable matts are real wonderful products which are regularly used at our clinic. I wish the whole team of Innovation India a very bright and successful future. May God bless them all. Quotes

Quotes After searching for various options for my handicapped pet on internet,I came across wheelchairs prepared by Innovation India team especially for pet animals. I anticipated that this would help my pet to recover, however initially I had a doubt whether it would work but after 30 day found my pet able to walk without the cart support. Thanks Innovation India! Now my pet is able to walk and even run on its own. I can certainly say that Inno Cart would definitely helps paralyzed pet recover. It made me proud as we care for our pet and helped him to live his life happily again... Quotes
Arun Gopal Velivala
Inno cart helped my handicapped pet

Quotes This is the first time I have had to buy Innovation India products, and I am very happy to recommend them. The dog (Lucy, a spitz) for whom we ordered the 2 wheel Innocart has a herniated disc and is a paraplegic. For 2 months she was unable to walk, and was receiving daily treatment. On vets suggestion to help her exercise, we received a recommendation to use wheelchairs by Innovation India. Dr Sandeep and Mr Pardeep from Innovation India were very responsive and clarified all my doubts regarding usage, measurements, payment and delivery. On payment, I had requested that the wheelchair be made urgently (in case of relocation to another city) and it is commendable to note that Dr Sandeep personally delivered the product well within the stipulated time. Lucy is happy to be walked in her wheelchair, which itself is well-designed and can be navigated easily. I must thank Innovation India for their brilliant efforts and giving Lucy a new lease on life. Quotes
Shreeya Kurien, New Delhi
Lucy enjoying her wheels!

Quotes Regards!!! Chip is getting better ( My dog whom u splinted- from Pitampura ) Thanks for your help. Quotes
Rita Gangwani
Chip getting better

Quotes I first heard about Innovation India through Dr. Natasha Coutinho, a vet in Goa who used to work with an NGO called Goa Animal Welfare. At that time, Salsa my own pet was already using a rehabilitation aid that we had imported from the US. Although it had been made to her specifications, she had outgrown it to an extent and besides, it had its limitations as to what kind of surface she could use it on, because she was too heavy for it and was possibly weighing it down. Soon after we moved to Delhi and I was looking at replacing her wheelcart and I decided to contact Innovation India who very kind to manufacture the new wheely in a short time. We have been using the Wheely now for almost a year and are very happy with it. It is light and easy to use and supports her posture enabling her to move with a lot of ease. It has truly set her free. Because of this, she gets a good exercise without us having to worry about her putting too much pressure on her front legs. [email protected] Quotes
Radhika Wakharkar
Salsa of Life

Quotes About a year back we rescued an injured dog from the streets. He was hit by a car and his hind legs were dragging on the road. The vet said that the injury has left him paralyzed for life and that he could not walk normally again. We then ordered for a cart from Innovation India and are very happy with the product. My Remy Martin now walks, runs and plays with his brothers and his so happy and active. Thanks guys for all the effort in delivering an awesome product. Quotes
Anand Krishnan Srinivasan
Remy Martin can now run around and play with his brothers

Quotes Walking wheels has become a miracle for TINTIN. After using this for one and half months..three months paralyzed TINTIN suddenly one day stands up n her own for 30 secs....second day she stands up and walked for 4 mins and now she can walk...with her four legs greeting heartiest good bye to her walking wheels...Nothing more to say.....after this miracle....only three cheers for INNOVATION INDIA... Quotes
Mrs.Piyali Mukherjee Banerjee, Kolkata
TINTIN blessed with second life

Quotes When my 13-year-old Rottweiler, Polo, developed arthritis due to old age, he swung into depression. He would not eat food and would lie weeping in a corner, all day long. Polo's condition only worsened when his body developed bed sores and fungal infection. The vets suggested to opt for mercy killing. But, I decided to look for a solution instead and procured the wheel cart .Within months of being carted around, Polo has replenished his confidence and has also shaken himself off the fungus. ?With his life prolonging by another couple of years, this is like a miracle for him.? Quotes
Dhiren Rajpurohit, Satara, Maharastra
Wheelcart- a miracle

Quotes Unlike Maggie whose luck salvaged her fate with portable wheels, her father Scooby struggled with the same disease for four years before succumbing to it.Living with Scooby was tough for us and we customarily went about cleaning and helping him pass urine and stool. ?But Maggie didn?t have to go through hell as she can urinate and defecate while in the cart. She requires less care Quotes
Priya & Gautam Sachdeva, Colaba, Mumbai
Lucky maggie - Thanks Innovation India